What is a Cremation Art Glass Memorial?
Art glass memorials are lasting tributes,
as a enduring remembrance
of your departed loved ones
and cherished pets.

These beautiful pieces of memorial glass art use cremains
and other crematory materials as the main design

They are created one at a time using a small amount of
cremains, and so offer a perfect way to preserve a
portion of the cremation ashes of your beloved, while
still allowing you to scatter the rest. They also provide an
alternative way to still hold your loved one in your
hands, which can be very helpful during the grieving

Many people are searching for a special, unique way to
remember special people or cherieshed pets that have
passed. Swan Song Memorials are pieces of fine fused
and cast glass art.  They are a thoughtful and respectful
way to honor our departed friends which have passed
from this life, but who will forever live in our memories.

Our fused and cast glass memorials can accompany any
other cremation service, including urns, scatterings and
burials. Using an extremely small amount of cremated
remains, every member of the family can have their own
tangible keepsake that will last forever.

We consider this work to be a service and an honor.
Thank you for your trust.
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