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Swan Song
Swan Song Memorials™ creates exclusively designed fused and cast glass
living memory and crematory  memorial art.

"Your love remembered in glass...keeping them close to your heart."

    Welcome to Swan Song Memorials

    Please excuse the temporary nature of our site
    while we are under construction.  We are in the
    process of transforming our website into a brand
    new all-inclusive site where you can browse all of
    our unique fused and cast glass memorials, gather
    information, and place your order all in one easy

    Our studios are fully open and ready to make
    beautiful memories for you during this time, so
    please contact us directly if you need something
    before the site is set. We'll be happy to help you!

How to Contact Us

Use Our Contact Tab
Call:  (661) 943-2719
    Swan Song Memorials creates exquisite fused
    glass art "living" tribute and crematory memorials
    for people and pets . From keepsakes to large
    scale sculptures, we can help you memorialize
    your beloved person or cherished pet in an
    enduring, gorgeous fused glass memorial art-
    piece. Each memorial is hand-made to order; no
    two are ever exactly alike.